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Where will AMA be this summer?

As the Winter 2019 semester comes to a close, AMA UM-Dearborn's Executive Board members have been applying, interviewing, and securing a

Student Spotlight: Lukas Lorincz

Lukas Lorincz is a Digital Marketing and Information Systems Management double major graduating in April 2019. Learn more about Lukas!

Student Spotlight: Kristina Lee

Kristina Lee is a Marketing major who intends to graduate in Winter 2020. She is currently the President of the UM-Dearborn chapter of AMA.

Student Spotlight: Ghadir Haidar

Ghadir Haidar What is your major and when do you plan on graduating? My major is Digital Marketing and I plan on graduating April 2020. What marketing/digital marketing do you enjoy learning about or are very interested in? With digital marketing it interests me that everything can be done through social media. I would have never thought that opening a business on Instagram can get you so much revenue. It’s also interesting to see people's habits and what they prefer online. That’s what drew me in to fall in love with digital marketing. How long have you have been a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)? I’ve been a member for over a year now and on Executive Board (E-Board) for

Student Spotlight: Yousaf Khan

Yousaf is an Accounting major who plans on graduating in April 2020. Once he graduates, he intends to get his CPA and Master's degree. L

Onsite vs Offsite SEO

What is the difference between onsite and offsite SEO? If you run your own company, you should know how to optimize both. Learn more today!

Utilizing Paid Search

Interested in learning more about how to properly utilize paid search? Learn more today!

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