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bE my valentine

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 - Sunday February 14th, 2021

Want to spread some joy and positivity? Send an E-Valentine to those you care about this Valentine's Day!



All proceeds collected will go directly to Gleaners Food Bank. For every one dollar donated, that helps provide three meals to help feed those in need! This is a great way to support a wonderful organization, help others, and make a positive impact this Valentine's Day!

Who can donate? 

Anyone! You do not have to be a UM-D student to participate (family, friends, etc). It's open to everyone! You can send a valentine to someone anonymously, or yourself, whatever you would prefer. If anonymously, just provide us with their email address and we will send the E-Valentine to them on your behalf using our AMA gmail if you want to keep it more as a secret admirer style! To make the donations, you can either do so through PayPal on our website here or through Venmo @AMA-UM-Dearborn. You can donate as many times as you want and send as many Valentines as you want!

Event Details: 

  • $3 Donation = You choose ONE of our 16 handmade templates found on our Instagram

  • $5 Donation = We will configure an E-Valentine to your exact specifications, completely personalized



If you want to add a gift with the E-Valentine you can choose to add on a Starbucks gift card up to $10. To do so, when you go to donate, add on the gift card amount you would like to send to your donation total. For example, if you want a custom Valentine along with a $10 Starbucks gift card, you would donate $15 ($5 for the E-Valentine and $10 for the gift card). All gift cards will be sent along with the E-Valentine virtually through our Gmail:

When you go to make a donation through PayPal or Venmo:

  • PayPal (the big button below):

    • ​When donating, you can choose one of the three donation options listed or write in your own amount if you are wanting an E-Valentine and a gift card of your desired denomination (up to $10)

      • Required information to put in the notes section when making your donation​ (PLEASE make sure all the following information is spelled correctly)

        • Your full name (First + Last Name)​

        • Recipient's full name (First + Last Name)

        • Your email address 

        • Recipient's email address 

        • (If choosing an already made template -$3 option) What template you want

        • (If choosing the custom E-Valentine -$5 option) What design + message you would like to be displayed 

  • Venmo (QR code pictured below):

    • When donating, enter the amount you wish to donate​ and:

      • Add a note with same info as listed above (your full name, recipients full name, YOUR email address, recipients email address and E-Valentine template/design info as listed above in the PayPal instructions.​

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