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Lamyah Burhani 

What do you like most about AMA?

The thing that I like most about AMA are the competitions whether it be Canva, Adobe, etc. It's really fun to see everyone's unique style and creativity and how there can be several variations within graphic design based around one topic.   

What are some of your hobbies, interests and career goals?

My hobbies include playing volleyball, working out, and doing crafts/DIY. I like watching Netflix, especially crime shows and reality TV. I enjoy graphic design and branding. My ultimate career goal is to be an entrepreneur and own my own business.  

How do you think your experience on E-Board and being a member of AMA has prepared you for potential internships?

I think that being a part of the E-Board will help my communication/speaking skills. I'll be able to present myself more confidently and be able to speak what's on my mind. Being in a leadership position allows you to develop public speaking skills as well as communication skills and I think it will help me when it comes to potential internships. 

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