Eric Daniels 

VP of Digital Media 

Major: Digital Marketing

Graduation: April 2021

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What do you like most about the AMA?

The best part about AMA is that it provides me with an environment where I am not afraid to be myself.  AMA is very accepting of people from various cultures, ideologies and personalities.  

What are some of your hobbies, interests and career goals?

I've spent the majority of my life as a multi-sport athlete and have always been passionate about the music I listen to.  My dream is to take the skills I have obtained from my education and managing websites, to one day work in the sports and entertainment industry. 


How do you think your experience on E-Board and being a member of AMA has prepared you for your professional career?


As a general member, I was able to gain different perspectives on real-world marketing as well as share my own.  Since joining E-Board my ability to enhance, optimize and create content for websites has increased tremendously.  This position has also provided me with the opportunity to understand how professional teams work together to reach collective goals, leaving an impact.  I am confident that my time on E-Board will help me become a marketable candidate for future internship opportunities.  

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