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Marketing Week 2020

Marketing Week was a little different this year. In the past, Marketing Week meant a full week of company representatives, making connections, and wrapping up the week with a company tour. This year, we had to adapt, as everyone did, to a new form of communication and interaction. This fall, our Marketing Week went virtual. Representatives from five different companies spoke to our AMA members about their experiences, opportunities, and career advice. 

OneMagnify kicked off Marketing Week on Monday, October 5th. They are a marketing and advertising company that specialize in brand development and integration, technology enabled marketing, channel management, products for effective marketing, analytics, digital marketing, and data science. We learned about their social media efforts and the companies they currently work with.


Wednesday was our nonprofit day. A representative from MotorCities National Heritage Area discussed their business and previous nonprofit companies they had worked for. We learned that nonprofit companies make up 10% of the Unite States workforce. We were also given nine pieces of advice to use as we move forward into the workforce ourselves.


Traditionally, Friday included a company tour. We discussed hosting a virtual tour; however, with the date getting closer, we decided to host a company that was larger in terms of company size, projects, and reach. We found a representative from Acceleration which is a part of WPP, the largest advertising company in the world. We had an open conversation about Acceleration and the projects they were a part of.


On Tuesday, we hosted representatives from GTB. They are also a marketing and advertising company that uses data to not only create the best marketing experience but also a personal one.


JD Power representatives spoke to us on Thursday. They use data and analytics to find what the customer is looking for and how companies can better their products and services. The representatives discussed how they use data to identify consumer trends in order to relay that information to companies. They also discussed their company culture and advice for our members.

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