OCTOBER 7th-11th



OCT. 7

 Universal McCann

Global Media & 

Advertising Agency 


OCT. 8

 Rithm Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency


OCT. 9

 Campbell Ewald

Marketing &

Advertising Agency 


OCT. 10

 Global Team Blue

Advertising Agency 


OCT. 11

Jack Morton

Experiential Marketing 


The University of Michigan - Dearborn's chapter of AMA held its marketing week on October 7th-11th, 2019.  It featured five diverse marketing agencies ranging in size and specialty, including Universal McCann, Rithm Marketing, Campbell Ewald, Global Team Blue (GTB), and Jack Morton.  Four of these companies visited our campus, while we took members on a tour of the fifth.  Event attendees were able to listen to and network firsthand with industry professionals and other like-minded students.  We fostered a sense of support and community by bringing in not only members, but also non-members, faculty, and alumni.  


Universal McCann is a creative agency, committed to blurring in the lines between media and creativity, between data and content, between science and art.  They operate in over 100 countries with clients such as Coca-Cola, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, The Hershey Company, and many more.  They taught us how to properly position online advertisements, as well as identify advertising flaws. There will be job/internship opportunities posted in January, 2020.


Rithm Marketing LLC, is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Metro Detroit.  Their approach to digital marketing is part art and part science, bringing together creativity, artistry, digital design with data analysis, technical know-how and best practices.  Check out our websites blog written by Joe Morsello, the Owner & Cheif Digital Marketer at Rithm.  


Campbell Ewald is an Advertising and Marketing Communications Agency that is over 100 years old! We learned some tips for standing out in the job interview process, what they look for in an intern, and media planning best practices.  Look out for creative marketing opportunities in January, 2020.  


GTB is a locally based marketing agency that prides themselves in their "blue-sky" thinking.  They look to creatively transform business and that starts with their network scaled across fifty two countries and six continents.  They were able to provide us with career advice when pursuing marketing and related fields.  


Jack Morton Worldwide is an award-winning global brand experience agency.  We had the opportunity to tour their Detroit office to finish off marketing week.  They taught us more about the departments within the company and offered us career advice to use in the job search.  We also got to see some samples of their best marketing work. 

Special thanks to all of the company employees that took the time out of their day to come connect with us.  We are beyond appreciative to have the opportunity to learn more about the marketing industry from experienced professionals like yourselves.  It was amazing to gain advice on how to excel in the job interview process, what companies look for in employees and other general career insights.  This was an experience that our members, faculty, and alumni will never forget!

-AMA UM-Dearborn

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