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Member of the Month: Ioannis Pallas

Congratulations to AMA's October Member of the Month: Ioannis Pallas!

Ioannis Pallas

- What is your major and when do you plan on graduating?

"Marketing. I plan to graduate in 2022."

- How long have you been a member of AMA?

"Since the beginning of the 2019 Fall semester."

- What interested you in wanting to join AMA?

"A few of my friends wanted to check it out, so i decided to join. It also fit in really well with my schedule."

- Why do you like AMA?

"I like the community AMA harbors and how motivated everyone is."

Ioannis Pallas

- How has being a member of AMA influenced your personal, social, and/or professional life?

"AMA has really given me clarity in deciding my major and also how to be a dedicated, productive member of a community."

- How do you think AMA benefits you and why do you think other people should join?

"AMA has a lot of connections with marketing firms and brings them in for students to network with. Also the people that I have met through AMA have been really awesome and I'm glad I got the chance to meet them."

- What would you like to do after graduation? (a specific industry, grad school, etc.)

"I'll work for any company that will hire me honestly. Preferably I'd like to work somewhere warm and on the coasts, but as long as I can get a good starting job and save enough money to get my masters I will be happy."