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Member of the Month: Eric Daniels

Congratulations to AMA's February

Member of the Month: Eric Daniels

What is your major and when do you plan on graduating?

I am currently a Pre-Business student declaring Digital Marketing after this semester (Winter 2019), I expect to graduate December of 2020.

How long have you been a member of AMA?

I joined AMA at the beginning of the 2018 Fall semester.

What interested you in wanting to join AMA/Why did you join AMA?

I wanted to join AMA to get involved in the UM-Dearborn business community, make new friends, and learn more about marketing in the real world.

Why do you like AMA so much?

I love AMA because it has helped me understand marketing from a real-world perspective aside from hitting the books.

How has being a member of AMA influenced your personal, social, and/or professional life?

AMA has tremendously helped me develop as a professional, surround myself with like-minded individuals, and provide me with many networking opportunities.

How do you think AMA benefits you and why do you think other people should join?

AMA is beneficial in countless ways for people of all majors and backgrounds. I recommend joining AMA for students who want to learn more about marketing, meet people with similar career goals, and it’s a ton of fun.

What would you like to do after graduation (a specific job? industry? grad school? etc.)?

I have spent the majority of my life as a multi-sport athlete and have always been passionate about the music I listen to. My dream is to take the skills I obtain from my education, internships, AMA, and maintaining my website to one day work in the sports and entertainment industry.

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