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Student Spotlight: Desilda Cela

Desilda Cela

What is your major and when do you plan on graduating?

My major is Human Resource Management and I plan on graduating Winter Semester of 2020.

What marketing/digital marketing do you enjoy learning about or are very interested in?

I mostly enjoy learning about the personal selling of marketing.

How long have you have been a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)?

This is my second semester with AMA.

Why did you originally join the AMA?

I originally joined AMA because I knew a few students that were apart of it and they always said amazing things about this organization. Also, the students were very welcoming.

What is your position on Executive Board (E-Board), what does it entail, and what do you like most about your position?

My E-Board position is Vice President (VP) of Recruitment, I am in charge of recruiting students to join AMA and become members. Also, I come up with ideas for social outings for members and E-Board to get to know one another and make new friends.

Why do you like AMA and E-Board so much?

Honestly, being able to learn from other students and gain more knowledge by being apart of this organizations is one of the many reasons why I like AMA. We have guest speakers who really do give great advice on helping students succeed in getting an internship or landing a job opportunity.

E-Board has been a great experience. The group of people on E-Board are laid back, funny and very smart. We work very well together and really try our hardest to get whatever needs to be done and finished in time.

How has being a member of AMA and E-Board benefited your personal/professional life?

Being a member of AMA has benefited both my personal and professional life. Personally, it has allowed me to make memories and helped me make friends in college. Professionally, it has helped teach me about different companies and the in's and out's on being interviewed.

How do you think AMA benefits members and why do you think people should join?

This is the first org I joined here at UM-Dearborn and it was a smart move on my part. AMA benefits members because they are given opportunities to excel in networking, learning how to approach the job market and learning about how big or small companies operate (tours of companies).

What do you want to do after graduation (specific job, career, etc.)?

I would love to work for Delta Airlines’ Human Resources department. I love to travel and see new things, so working for Delta Airlines would be an unforgettable experience to meet new people and make a difference for the company.

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