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Student Spotlight: Rebeca Simu

Rebeca Simu

What is your major and when do you plan on graduating?

I am majoring in digital marketing and information systems management. I hope to graduate in the winter of 2020.

What marketing/digital marketing do you enjoy learning about or are very interested in?

I really enjoy anything. If I had to pick a couple it would be social media marketing, market research, and advertising!

How long have you have been a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA)?

I joined AMA in the winter of 2019, but just recently got more involved last semester.

Why did you originally join the AMA?

I only went to school and went home everyday and I was getting really bored doing the same thing. I decided to join AMA to meet new people and have the chance to network with potential employers!

What is your position on Executive Board (E-Board), what does it entail, and what do you like most about your position?

I am Vice President of Advertising. In short, I act as the face of AMA! I help create flyers, create main posts and stories to social media, and send out emails promoting our events and meetings! I also am helping create our 2018-2019 Annual Chapter Report, where we analyze our chapter’s performance in the past academic year based on what we had planned to do.

I love that I can be creative in my position and think of exciting new ideas every week!

Why do you like AMA and E-Board so much?

I loved getting the chance to network with so many different people and be more involved in our university. It makes me look forward to Monday’s too.

How has being a member of AMA and E-Board benefited your personal/professional life?

AMA has been a benefit to me because it gave me a chance to strengthen my resume while having fun, making new friends, and doing something I actually enjoy!

How do you think AMA benefits members and why do you think people should join?

AMA would be a benefit for anyone because the skills we learn aren’t necessarily just for marketing majors! We learn how to network with all different types of companies and people and get an overall look into almost every business aspect there is. It’s a great topic starter in interviews too!

What do you want to do after graduation (specific job, career, etc.)?

After graduation, I hope to become a project manager (possibly IT). I touched base with this in my BA320 class and it’s something I really enjoyed doing. My ideal situation would be to work for a global company so I could travel within my profession and explore new business perspectives.

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