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Laura Simons

What do you like most about AMA?

I enjoy meeting and networking with other students at UMD who have an interest in Marketing. I love hearing advice and insight from guest speakers in the professional world. AMA hosts competitions and workshops that are super fun and useful!

What are some of your hobbies, interests and career goals?

Some of my interests include makeup, cooking, going to the movies, and going to car events! My career goal is to continue to grow with my current employer. I work in Community Relations and I love having a direct involvement with our charitable donations and community outreach.

How do you think your experience on E-Board and being a member of AMA has prepared you for potential internships?

I work full time in my field of study, so I am not doing an internship. However, being a part of AMA would definitely be beneficial for anyone looking for an internship! Being on the Executive Board in particular helps strengthen your leadership skills and gives you set responsibilities that you need to complete. The E Board works closely together as a group to accomplish our goals. I would definitely recommend everyone to join AMA!

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