National Membership:

Becoming a national member is required in our organization. There are many great benefits to becoming one, including:

  • Access to resources and tools to improve your marketing skill set.

  • Getting connected to local chapters including the Detroit Chapter.

  • The AMA holds National and local conferences and training programs. If you are a member you receive a significant discount to attend these exciting events.

  • Your membership grants you access to industry publications to keep you in the know of new marketing news. 

  • The ability to earn certifications through the AMA proving your marketing excellence. This is a great resume builder.



 We're glad that you want to join AMA - University of Michigan-Dearborn! Please fill out the required fields in our online registration form using your University of Michigan email. Afterwards, pay $29 on PayPal or Venmo (linked below).



In order to attend company tours, participate in competitions and join us on our trips, you must be a registered national member. 

We take care of this for you when you become an official AMA UMD member!

Membership is $29. This includes:

  • Membership with the AMA at UMD for one full year (fall, spring, summer semesters)

  • Access to the National AMA website.

  • A large portion of travel costs to Chicago and New Orleans

If you are ready to join, you can do so via:

  • PayPal (linked below)

  • Venmo the username: @AMA-UM-Dearborn

If paying by credit card, please include your name with your submission in the message section. 

If you are unable to make a payment in full, please speak to our president, Meagan Spurr, at our next meeting to set up a payment plan. 

Thank you for your interest!