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VP of Professional Development and Recruitment

Responsible for overseeing the chapter’s continuous development as a professional organization. Be a liaison between the chapter and the outside world, especially business professionals that can benefit us and support our chapter.


Oversees and directs the recruiting functions for the organization and inform students of the opportunities that come with becoming a member of  the American Marketing Association. 




  • Organize and plan professional development events, company tours and workshops.

  • Work with Communications and Advertising team to promote the events.

  • Work with the University Events Department and ICMC  to set up events.

  • Maintain a relationship with the University staff and faculty, internship office and career center and the Dean.

  • Place food orders and purchase decorations and send receipts to VP of Finance.

  • Set up rooms for events ahead of time and make sure accommodations are set.

  • Write thank you cards and purchase gifts for guest speakers.

  • Work with other student organizations in coordinating event schedules.

  • Organize and coordinate class presentations.

  • Talk to new students at general member meetings and inform them on how to get involved.

  • Pass out sign in sheet during General Member Meetings.

  • Inform members of involvement opportunities (ex: recruitment fair).

  • Continuously  update the member contact list and pass on to the VP of Communications & Technology

  • Assist President and VP of Finances to create a budget for the year.

  • Plan and organize social events.

  • Provide report of member attendance (monthly).

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