VP of Communications

Responsible for communicating news and updates to the organization's members through in person and e-mail communication. Additionally, you search for and implement new technologies that assist in streamline communication goals and objectives (i.e. Email marketing tools, mobile applications, etc).



  • Maintain list of members and send e-mails periodically before each AMA event and general member meeting.  

  • Be open and welcoming to all students and members. 

  • Ensure the correct information between all departments is being communicated with students.

  • Respond to all e-mails and messages from students 

  • Create email templates (ex. can act as a standard corporate sponsor request email, etc.)

  • Use email request forms to generate email content 

  • Develop email reports (monthly) with tracking receiver interaction

Interested? Click the button to the left and send the completed form to alexcjac@umich.edu