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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Competition 

Competitors will receive a one-page case based on a fictional company. Each team will have 20 minutes to create a strategy to solve the problem for the company. Each Team will have 7 Minutes to present and communicate their ideas to the judges. You will be judged on your ideas, ability to communicate them. There will be no visual aids to assist your presentation to the judges.

The judges will have the opportunity to ask you follow up questions based on your recommendations.


The competition will be Friday March 17th at our conference in New Orleans. The team can select to participate in the am OR pm session. The best presentations will advance to the semifinals and finals on Saturday March 18th.


Here's an example of the hand a team would receive for this competition about the “Nabu Smartwatch”


Aerotek Perfect Pitch Competition 

A 90-second pitch to position yourself as “right for the job” for a fictional company. Only one person can represent each university. This is very similar to an elevator speech. Inside your pitch there should be 2-3 key points, and supporting examples. The goal is to get the person you are talking with to hire you for the position.


The first round of the competition will be held Friday March 17, in New Orleans with a time slot between 9:30 am and noon. There will be a finals round in the morning on Saturday 3/18. The top performing students will be recognized at the Saturday Awards Buffet Banquet at the International Collegiate Conference.

Round 1 pitch scenario:


T-shirt Design Competition 

Each year, chapters design a shirt to fit the overall theme of the conference, their chapter or university spirit. The year’s theme is “Power in Connections”. The theme can be interpreted by the chapter as they see fit. Chapters who are interested in competing, needs to bring a shirt to display at the conference.

The chapter that brings the best design will win a reserved table front and center for the awards banquet Saturday night.


At each conference, students bring extra shirts of their chapter’s design to trade with other chapter’s designs. This is a great opportunity to get to know students from other chapters as well as score some cool shirts!


International Sales Competition

This competition provides students with the opportunity to compete one-on-one to test your ability to close a sale. The winners will receive cash prizes. You will be the salesperson who is trying to convince a decision maker in a business to purchase your product.


Each student will need to upload a copy of their resume and pay a $25 non refundable charge via credit card to reserve your space.


The sales topic and scenario will be created and emailed to all confirmed participants two weeks before the conference begins.

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